#071: Catching students up in the music room

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Group of children getting ready to play instruments, with the text, "Getting students back on track"

In this podcast, I discuss getting students back on track in the music room, after distance teaching, hybrid learning, etc.. Listen in iTunes, on Google Play Music, on Amazon, on TuneIn, or here:

Highlights of the Episode

  • 1:27 Being “Behind”
  • 3:28 Where my Classes are at
  • 4:51 Adapting your expectations
  • 6:11 Rhythm, then melody
  • 9:01 Specdrums and Dash Robot
  • 10:19 Versatile and familiar songs
  • 20:38 What I'm consuming

Videos mentioned in the episode:

Links mentioned in the episode

Plainsies Clapsies

I Got a Letter this Morning


Closet Key

Apple Tree

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